Stop Colorado's Utility Power Grab

Sign our petition below to tell Xcel Energy’s executives that customers like you won’t stand for anti-solar, anti-consumer shenanigans in the interest of protecting its monopoly business.

Petition Text

Attn: David Eves, President and CEO, Public Service Company of Colorado, an Xcel Energy company
Dear Mr. Eves:

We, the undersigned, are Colorado electricity customers. We urge Xcel to immediately withdraw its proposal before the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to penalize rooftop solar customers who deliver solar electricity to the grid.

Private investment in local solar power delivers numerous financial benefits to all of your customers, even those without solar on their roofs: savings on expensive and polluting conventional power; reduced investments in transmission and distribution infrastructure; reduced electricity lost during transportation over power lines; and savings on the cost of meeting future carbon regulation. Recent independent analysis found that these benefits of net metered power outweigh the costs, with a total net value of between $7 and $11 million per year in Xcel Energy’s Colorado territory.

Your proposal significantly undervalues rooftop solar power at the expense of your own customers. We urge Xcel to stop trying to stifle rooftop solar. Instead, it’s time to innovate your business model to make room for customer participation in our energy marketplace.

Please withdraw the net metering rollback plan in docket 13A-0836E at the PUC today.



Cc: Public Utilities Commission Chairman Joshua Epel, Commissioner Pamela Patton and Commissioner James Tarpey