Rooftop solar is helping American families, schools and businesses take charge of their power supply and their electricity bills like never before - and that private investment in local clean energy benefits all of us.

But now utilities are casting a long shadow over Americans who want to go solar. Rather than moving with customers into the 21st century, many of our utilities are instead working to protect their old way of doing business by attacking our most foundational solar customer protections and policies. The interests of a few utilities should not outshine the rest of us.

We have a right to generate our own power from sunshine! Sign our petition to speak up for solar rights in your own state.



Every American has the right to generate his or her own power from the sun. We should be able to go solar without being charged unfair fees. And we should receive full, fair credit from our utilities for that valuable solar power. We urge our state leaders to stand strong for innovation, progress and customer choice by defending these solar rights.