Solar is a great California success story, and we need your help to keep it that way!

This year, regulators at the CPUC will decide whether or not to change our net metering program, one of the most important state policies for empowering Californians to go solar and save. This clean local power reduces the need for expensive, polluting utility infrastructure, which delivers health, environmental and economic benefits throughout California's communities. But now big utilities are lobbying to rewrite the net metering rules and make solar a bad deal for its customers. You can learn more about the fight for California's solar future here

Sign our petition (text below) to urge Governor Brown and the Commission to stand strong for rooftop solar by protecting our successful net metering program!

Petition text:

Dear Governor Brown and California Public Utilities Commissioners,

I am a California energy consumer, and I strongly urge you to protect our right to install rooftop solar. Solar is under attack, as is evidenced by extreme utility proposals filed with the PUC. We should be growing solar through smart policies like net metering. Net metering enables families, schools, businesses, and public agencies to save on their utility bills through solar power. Local clean power reduces air pollution, creates jobs, and can lower energy costs for all members of our communities.
I urge you to protect net metering, reject new fees for solar customers, and continue to expand solar access to more Californians.