Let Every New Yorker Go Renewable!


Renewable energy is already delivering tremendous benefits across New York, but the traditional panels-on-your-roof model simply does not work for many consumers. Families and businesses who rent, homeowners with shading trees and plenty of other New York energy customers who want to invest in clean energy are left on the sidelines.
Now state leaders are considering a new program that would allow these customers to choose clean energy for the first time. A shared renewable energy program would allow communities to come together to build a clean energy project, and see the economic benefits of that clean energy directly on their utility bills. Governor Cuomo supports this concept. Let's urge him to make it a priority in 2015 so that all New Yorkers have the opportunity to plug into clean energy.


Dear Governor Andrew Cuomo,

Right now thousands of New Yorkers are benefiting from solar power on their own property, but millions more face physical or financial barriers to accessing solar. It’s time to clear the way for all New Yorkers – including renters and low-income families – to go solar and save.
Please work with the Public Service Commission to create a shared renewable energy program and empower more New Yorkers to participate directly in our growing solar economy.