Keep Rooftop Solar Shining in Nevada! 

Affordable solar means that more and more Nevada homes, schools and businesses are putting the state's plentiful sunshine to work -- and that's also putting Nevadans to work.  The Silver State leads the country in the number of solar jobs per capita with 5,900 Nevadans employed in the growing industry.  
Despite this incredible success story, NV Energy - the biggest utility in Nevada - is pushing for changes that will make it harder for Nevadans to invest in solar. 
We say every Nevadan has the right to produce and use his or her own power from the sun. Customers should be able to go solar without being charged unfair fees. They should receive full, fair credit from their utilities for that valuable solar power. If you live in Nevada, sign our petition below to urge the Public Utilities Commission to stand strong for solar jobs, progress and customer choice by defending solar rights.



Dear Nevada Public Utilities Commissioners,

Rooftop solar is helping Nevada families, businesses, schools and public agencies take charge of their power supply and their electricity bills like never before. A recent PUC study, which NV Energy participated in, confirmed that this private solar investment is saving the utility millions of dollars while building a reliable, homegrown energy supply for all of us. I urge you to support continued solar success by defending Nevada’s net metering program and opposing discriminatory rates or fees for solar customers.


Nevada solar supporter